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Therapeutic Approach

What can you expect when you work with me?

A few words about my approach to therapy...


First of all, what do I mean by holistic psychotherapy? 

I value the connection between the mind, heart, body and spirit, and am interested in the "whole being" of my clients. How do the realms of the mental, emotional, physical, relational, occupational and spiritual impact one another?  Inspired by mindfulness-based approaches to therapy, I offer tools to find peace of mind and self-compassion, with the belief that healing and well-being come from within.  I work with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, stress management, life transitions, work/life balance, parenting challenges, marriage and relationships, conscious uncoupling, LGBTQ issues, spirituality, and grief and loss, to name a few.  I also love to help those who identify as highly intuitive, sensitive and empathic.  My passion is for helping my clients find their own inner strengths and resources, with which to heal wounds and unhealthy patterns, while also creating a more peaceful, fulfilling and joy-full life. While external challenges (um, 2020??) and emotional triggers are inevitable, how we respond to difficult events, thoughts and feelings can make all the difference in our quality of life.  I work with adult individuals and couples, and I also lead groups.  


Buddhist Psychology • Yoga Philosophy • Existential Psychotherapy • Post-Modern Narrative & Constructivist Approaches • Positive, Strengths-Based Psychology • Shamanism • Anthroposophy • Trauma-informed Psychotherapy • Interpersonal Neurobiology 


If you’d like a slightly deeper dive, please explore Services for more on my approach.

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