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Therapeutic Approach

What can you expect when you work with me?

A few words about my approach to therapy...


First of all, what do I mean by holistic psychotherapy? 

I value the connection between the mind, heart, body and spirit, and am interested in the "whole being" of my clients. How do the realms of the mental, emotional, physical, relational, occupational and spiritual impact one another?  Inspired by mindfulness-based approaches to therapy, I offer tools to find peace of mind and self-compassion, with the belief that healing and well-being come from within.


Mindfulness-based psychotherapy invites mindfulness practice into the therapy session and daily life, recognizing that these simple shifts in awareness can transform our lives.  What do I mean by mindfulness?  Being mindful can mean being aware of your state of mind, your feelings, your body, and your actions and reactions in the present moment.  It can also mean practicing an openhearted and warm compassion, with acceptance and appreciation for the moment's imperfections and graces.  Whether dealing with past trauma or current symptoms, these practices offer relief and healing, and are entirely doable, at your pace, one foot in front of the other.  Together, you and I will build a toolbox of resources you can depend on when navigating life’s demands, big and small.  These same tools will enable you to embrace growth, meaning and purpose, self-compassion, intimate relationships, and the quality of life you deeply crave. 


Buddhist Psychology • Yoga Philosophy • Existential Psychotherapy • Attachment Theory • Post-Modern Narrative & Constructivist Approaches • Positive, Strengths-Based Psychology • Shamanism • Anthroposophy • Trauma-informed Psychotherapy • Interpersonal Neurobiology • Comprehensive Resource Model • Ted Lasso


anxiety • stress • depression • life transitions • work/life balance • marriage & relationships • parenting & co-parenting • conscious uncoupling • LGBTQ affirming • grief & loss • spirituality & existential concerns • highly sensitive, intuitive & empathic folks

If you’d like a slightly deeper dive, please explore Services for more on my approach.

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