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Couples Therapy

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”

- James Baldwin

I offer pre-marital and couples counseling for all genders and sexual orientations.


Our intimate relationships tend to bring to the surface our “stuff”.  

It is our relationships that truly push us to confront our shadow parts, and to grow and evolve.

Couples counseling is about improving the health and quality of your relationship(s).  

It is about deepening the vulnerability, intimacy and connection between you.

In our work together, we will address the unhealthy patterns you feel stuck in.

We’ll explore your individual childhood experiences and relational wounds, that likely impact you still.  You will discover that your differences need not divide you. You will also develop new tools for conflict resolution and finding one another again when disconnected.  I will support you in identifying what your core issues are, as individuals and as a couple.  More importantly, you will be learning and practicing new processes and rituals for communicating more effectively with one another both in times of ease and when the road gets rocky. 

Couples counseling is not only for the relationship in peril, but also to enhance an already healthy relationship.  Doing this conscious work together at any point in your journey together can pave the way for a more connected, secure and intimate relationship for the long haul.


I am also available to counsel those who are wishing to “consciously uncouple”, navigate separation and divorce as friends and allies, and/or the experience of co-parenting and blending families.  When operating from the heart, all is possible.

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